Parkland SUBSIDY

We have been working with Parkland County to help local senior residents and/or disabled residents get free snow removal.  

All that is required is that the property be in Parkland County and all the adults residing in the household have a letter from a Family Physician or Chiropractor stating they should not be shoveling snow.  Then you fill out the Form from Parkland County. 


Our snow plowing services in Parkland County start at $50 depending on the size of your driveway and obstacles.

The Subsidy Program will cover up to $500 of snow removal services depending on the length of your driveway.  20 meters and down is $300 maximum, 20-40 meters is $400 maximum and 40+ meters is $500.

Please contact us with any other questions or to get quotes for the upcoming snow falls.  The program is not retroactive so you will need to be approved before they will reimburse any snow removal services.

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