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Sweeping streets and parking lots.

Aggregate Supplies

Supplying and delivering bulk landscaping supplies.

Skid Steer Services

Removing unwanted material or leveling material we can help.

Sanding and Salting

Spreading a pre-salted sand pebble mixture for traction in icy conditions.

Snow Clearing

Commercial Parking Lots or Rural Driveways we have you covered.

Snow Removal

No space to store your snow we can get it hauled away for you.


Why a street sweeper for parking lots?

Street sweepers are designed to scrub the surface and reduce dust dramatically.  Most parking lot companies use back pack blowers and skidsteers with broom attachments.  This makes it very dusty and effectively moves a lot of the material but doesn’t necessarily remove it all.  This is why we opted to use a street sweeper for most of our parking lot cleaning.

Are all street sweepers the same?

There are many different types of street sweepers but they all share similarities.  The one we use is called a broom truck as it has side brooms that funnel material into the middle of the truck where a large rear broom picks up the material.

How much material will be removed from my parking lot?

Material quantity is a bit difficult to calculate as its based heavily on how sanding was done during the winter.  On average parking lot with 75 stalls would have 3 tons of material to clean up in the spring.

What is the cost?

Our pricing for sweeping varies depending on the size of lot, distance from our base location, and quantity of material we will need remove.  The best plan is to send us your address and business name and we can do a quote based on google earth images.

Aggregate Supplies & Delivery

What is aggregate?

Aggregate is the official term for dirt essentially.  Generally used for different types of materials with rock material mixed in.  We can supply and deliver all types of material including gravel, sand, manufactured fines, river rock, black dirt, garden soil, etc.

Is all aggregate the same?

There are hundreds of variations of aggregate mix and all of them have different purposes and uses.  The average driveway would use 3/4″ (20mm) road crush, which is a mixture of 3/4″ (20mm) and smaller rocks, sand, and a small amount of clay to allow it to compact and stick together.  

How much material will I require?

Material quantity is fairly easy to calculate.  Cubic yards or meters is the most common measurements used.  You simply measure the area you require covered and then the depth of material you wish to put in that place.  You can go to our Calculator Page to enter measurements for the answer in cubic yards.

What is the cost?

Our pricing for aggregate materials varies depending on the type of material needed.  Also hauling expenses have to be considered for time and fuel.  The best plan is to send us your address and we can do a quote.

As of October 2023 if you are located in Parkland County or Lac St. Anne the rates for hauling 11 tonnes of these popular materials start at:

$425 for Silver Sand approx. 11 yards per load.

$425 for 3/4″ (20mm) Road crush approx. 8.5 to 9 yards per load

$375 for Clay approx. 9 yards per load

$750 for 3/4″ (20mm) washed rock approx. 10 cubic yards per load

$375 for Black Dirt approx. 8.5 yards per load

Skidsteer services

What type of skid steer services do you offer?

We do have quite a few attachments for our skid steer including a grapple, small tree spade, forks, and buckets.  Primarily we do a lot of material removal and leveling, but we can quote on lots of other types of jobs.

What is the cost?

Our pricing for is by the hour generally for skid steer services.  The best plan is to send us your address and description of the project and we can work on a quote for you.

Sanding and Salting

What is Sanding and Salting?

In icy condtions sand and salt are used to provide better traction and promote melting.  Sand absorbs heat from the sun at a much faster rate then snow and ice.  Salt lowers the freezing point of water, which means water will stay liquid below zero degrees Celsius. Pebbles are used to provide physical traction for people walking and vehicles driving.  We use a combination of all three to allow parking lots to melt as quickly as possible and provide the best and safest traction.  

Are all Sanders the same?

Most commercial sanders function on the same principle but come in many different styles.  Most truck sanders spread sand from bumper height at high speeds.  Our sander spreads much closer to the ground and at much lower speeds.  This allows us to have much more control of where our material goes and at what speed.  Being able to do so gives us the ability to spread material in parking lots with vehicles still present and not damage the vehicles.  

How much material will my parking lot take?

Material quantity is a bit difficult to calculate as its based heavily on how thick you want it and the type of material.  We are pretty good at approximating based off photos and google earth images.  An average parking lot with 75 stalls would use approximately 1 yard of material.

What is the cost?

Our pricing for sanding varies depending on the size of lot, distance from our base location, and quantity of material we will need.  The best plan is to send us your address and business name and we can do a quote based on google earth images.

Snow Clearing

What is the difference between Snow Clearing and Snow Removal?

Snow Clearing is the process of moving snow into large snow piles in vacant areas of parking lots.  Snow Removal is when we remove all the snow from the premises.  Most customers start with snow clearing until they run out of space or its hindering them in some way.  However some customers can’t sacrifice any parking stalls for a prolonged amount of time.

What is involved with Commercial Parking Lot Services?

We generally are on standby for our customers till they request snow to be cleared.  However some of our larger clients, like Lucerne Milk, want it taken care of as soon as there is more then 2 inches of snow.  So we have multiple ways to cover our customers needs when Mother Nature decides to snow.  Prior to setting up a new client we like to come to their location and verify where to pile snow and any get the layout.

What is involved with Rural Driveway Services?

Rural driveways are a bit more complicated as no two are the same.  However we have over 25 years experience with clearing rural driveways so we can always figure something out.  Most of the time we need to determine the distance to the location as well as how long it will take to clear the area.  Our snow plows are 10 ft wide so it does not take long to clear the length of the driveway.  The complications come in the parking areas and where the snow needs to be piled.  With pictures and conversations with our customers we can generally give a good approximation.

How much does it cost?

Our snow clearing rates are generally set as a variable flat rate based on snow depth.  Please send us the location information and we can determine a quote for you.

Snow Removal

Where do you move the snow to?

We relocate any requested snow to the Edmonton Snow Storage facilities.

What is required to do snow removal?

We use our skid steer and a combination of truck and trailer as well as dump trucks.  It depends on how much snow needs to be removed and how quickly.  Our dump trailer actually hauls just as much snow as a dump truck because it can be piled much higher then in a dump truck.

How much does it cost?

Generally we charge $85 a dump truck load.  This is assuming we have a more open window of time to remove the snow.  The reason for this is if we try to do snow removal in the high time right after a large snow fall then the wait at the snow dump can be incredibly long.  Pricing is based on time primarily so we try to work with our customers as much as possible to safe them money.

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