We charge all our services based on each time we are called to location.


Our street sweeper varies in price depending on travel time and such.  On average when we are on location we charge $250 an hour plus disposal fees.

Sanding and Salting

Sanding and Salting is based primarily on how much material we are dispersing and the distance from our base.  We use a Sand, Salt, and 7mm pebble mixture of material.  The best plan is to send us your address and business name and we can do a quote based on google earth images

Snow Removal

Generally we try to charge approximately $85 per dump truck sized load.  However it depends on the turn around time from the snow dump location.  We try not to do it during high time so there are no lineups to wait in and keep costs down for our customers.  Snow removal also requires the use of the skid steer at $120 per hour in order to load the trucks and trailers.  The skid steer will perform snow cleanup of the parking lots in between loads so as to be as efficient as possible


Hauling services are billed by the 11 tonne load.  The aggregate materials vary dramatically on price depending on the type of material.

As of October 2023 for delivery in most of parkland county and some of lac St. Anne pricing per 11 tonne loads of material start at:

$425 for 11 yards of Silver Sand great for horse footings in arenas, private playgrounds, beaches, and animal enclosures.

$425 for 8.5 to 9 yards of 3/4″ (20mm) road crush for driveways and construction base.

$750 for 10 yards of 3/4″ (20mm) washed rock for septic fields and landscape projects.

$375 for 8.5 yards of screened black dirt for finishing lawn areas or filling in holes in your lawn.  Would need fertilizer added for gardens.

$375 for 9 yards of clay for fill or building a solid base for other projects.

Skid Steer Services

Pricing can fluctuate depending on services required and the attachements needed.  Basic services requiring bucket attachements are $120 per hour.

Rough Cut Mowing $250 an hour generally can clear an acre per hour or more depending on the surface and size of trees.

Trenching $250 an hour depending on depth and type of soil will vary how long it will take.  On average a 3ft deep trench will get over 250ft in none rocky soil in an hour.


Snow Clearing

Pricing can fluctuate depending on services required and quantity of snow. The base pricing for rural starts at $50 for a driveway.  City lots generally start at $100 minimum.

Please contact us to receive a quote.

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