We charge all our services based on each time we are called to location.


Our street sweeper varies in price depending on travel time and such.  On average when we are on location we charge $250 an hour plus disposal fees.

Sanding and Salting

Sanding and Salting is based primarily on how much material we are dispersing and the distance from our base.  We use a Sand, Salt, and 7mm pebble mixture of material.  The best plan is to send us your address and business name and we can do a quote based on google earth images

Snow Removal

Generally we try to charge approximately $85 per dump truck load.  However it depends on the turn around time from the snow dump location.  We try not to do it during high time so there are no lineups to wait in and keep costs down for our customers.  Snow removal also requires the use of the skid steer at $100 per hour in order to load the trucks and trailers.  The skid steer will perform snow cleanup of the parking lots in between loads so as to be as efficient as possible

Aggregate Hauling

Hauling services are billed by the hour generally $100 per hour for our triaxle.  The aggregate materials vary dramatically on price depending on the type of material.

Skid Steer Services

Pricing can fluctuate depending on services required and the attachements needed.  Basic services requiring bucket attachement are $100 per hour.

Snow Clearing

Pricing can fluctuate depending on services required and quantity of snow. The base pricing is as follows

Plow truck with 10ft blade $200 per hour. ($50 minimum charge)
Plow truck with 11ft blade $250 per hour. ($75 minimum charge)
Skidsteer with 7ft snow bucket $100 per hour ($150 minimum charge)

Travel fees are broken down into zone 1 and 2 which you can see further down on this page.

Zone 1 Travel Fees

Zone 1 includes Stony Plain, Spruce Grove, West End of Edmonton, and large percentage of Parkland County.  In this area there is a $50 travel fee.

Zone 2 Travel Fees

Zone 2 includes East Edmonton.  In this area there is a $75 travel fee.

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