About Us

We have been serving our customers for over 20 years now.  From humble beginnings with a simple skid steer piling snow in parking lots.  Our services now include trenching, aggregate delivery/sales, street/parking lot sweeping, winter sanding, snow removal, and much more.


We also are one of the few companies who do rural driveways in Parkland County.  Being based in Parkland Count we work with local seniors and the Parkland County Senior Citizen subsidy program for snow clearing.

Please check out our Family Farm Store as well at healinghomesteadstore.ca


Attention to Detail

We for strive for our customers to be happy with our services.

A One-Stop Shop

From Sanding to Snow Removal we have your winter parking lot needs covered

Free Consultation

Send us pictures of your parking lot or rural driveway and we can generally give a good approximation on cost.